I already registered to the event/course, how to attend?

All events (including free webinars, workshops, bootcamps, and paid courses) on AICamp are powered by Zoom (zoom.us) by default for the live sessions (unless the events are noted with other tools). so if you are familar with zoom, it's easy and straightfoward! There are two ways to join the live sessions.
1. After you registered, you will receive a confirmation email from zoom shortly, which includes the join link. At the event, you can just click the link to join (see the image below). note, the link is unique to you, please don't share to anyone. if the events/courses have multiple sessions, you have only one and the same link to all sessions. No need to register on zoom again, we block all un-recoganized users to register to zoom directly.
It's strongly recommended to add the event to your calendar for reminder. click the 'add to calendar' link in the zoom confirmation email (see the image below). You also can copy/paste the joining link and manually add to your calendar.

2. You can go to 'my courses' page on AICamp website (https://learn.xnextcon.com/login/myevents) (logon and go to [my courses] menue). and then click 'join class/webinar' link to join (see the image blow).

I missed the live session, can I watch recordings?

Yes, all events are recorded and videos will be available shortly on AICamp youtube channel after the event done. link: Youtube