Subsurface LIVE Winter 2022


A Two-Days Virtual ML, Cloud and Data Lake Community Event, presented by Dremio, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Intel.

Dive Deep Below the Surface of the Cloud Data Lake

Join your peers and other industry leaders at Subsurfaceâ„¢ LIVE Winter 2022 as we explore the latest open source innovations in the cloud data lake ecosystem and motivate you with real-world use cases.

Hear firsthand from technology leaders at companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Lyft, Uber, Adobe, AWS, and Microsoft about their experiences architecting and building modern cloud data lakes. Learn how to innovate with open source technologies such as Arrow, Iceberg, Nessie, Delta Lake, Airflow, Dagster, Superset, Druid, Ranger and more.



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*The event is hosted by our partner, Dremio.
20+ speakers

  • Date: Mar 02, 07:30 (US Pacific Time)
  • Fee: Free
  • Available Seats: 4880 (max 5000)
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