Architectures of DataOps

This event is hosted by SF Big Analytics Group.

There are many new data technologies in 2021: more hot data engines such as ClickHouse, Iceberg, Delta Lake; more data pipeline tools: Apache DolphinScheduler, Apache SeaTunnel, more datamining libs: Ray, Orange and Hugging Face etc.

Today I would like to share some architectures using these new open-source projects in China Internet Companies like Tencent, Alibaba, VIP etc. and the challenges they experienced when using these new open-source projects facing millions of data requirement everyday. How to settle down the problem with new tools and let data developers, data scientist to finish the job themselves easily.

Wei Guo

Apache Software Foundation Member, ASF IPMC Member, Apache DolphinScheduler PMC, Founder of ClickHouse China Community, Apache SeaTunnel(incubating) Mentor. Former CTO of Analysys, Lenovo Big Data Senior Director, and worked at CICC, IBM,Terdata
  • Date: Jan 18, 17:00 (US Pacific Time)
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