ML Model Selection with Metaflow

Metaflow was started at Netflix to answer a pressing business need: How to enable an organization of data scientists, who are not software engineers by training, build and deploy end-to-end machine learning workflows and applications independently. We wanted to provide the best possible user experience for data scientists, allowing them to focus on parts they like (modeling using their favorite off-the-shelf libraries) while providing robust built-in solutions for the foundational infrastructure: data, compute, orchestration, and versioning.

In this webinar, I will discuss how to use Metaflow for repeatable machine learning model selection at scale.
I will compare 5 different hyperparameter settings for each of LightGBM and Keras regressors, with 5 fold cross validation and early stopping, for a total of 50 parallel model candidates. All of these instances are executed in parallel.

William High(Discord)

Staff Data Scientist at Discord, previewsly in Netflix building new ML-backed systems and applications.
  • Date: Aug 12, 10:00 (US Pacific Time)
  • Fee: Free
  • Available Seats: 286 (max 500)
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